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Patient Testimonials

Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!

Thomas Scanlon

  • Right total knee replacement
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“I was operated on October 12,2015. I used a walker for one week, a cane for one week and have been walking without an assist device for the past three weeks. I drove for the first time Nov 15 and find short distances uncomfortable due to switching from gas to break. It has been improving each time I go out. I have resumed swimming and the recumbent bike. After 5 weeks I still find relief with ice and elevation. I do my exercises 2-3 times daily, twice if I go to the gym and pool. ”

Linda Strickland

  • L hip replacement
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“The doctor was right, once my R hip was replaced, it became obvious how bad my L hip was :) I asked if I could ride a zipline (on my bucket list) at the post-op visit for my R hip. A friend and I went to Brown County and had a blast!! June 1 my left hip was replaced and I am truly amazed!! I am exactly 1 week post-op; I am using a cane; I feel terrific and am walking every day!! If you have hip pain, do not wait; head to Dr. Meneghini and be evaluated!! ZIP ON!”

Linda Strickland

  • R hip replacement
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“As a neonatal nurse practitioner, I know a lot about babies, not much about adults, and am very particular about letting a physician operate on me. My PCP recommended Dr. Meninghini based on her previous experience with his work. I had tried everything, including intensive physical therapy but to no avail. Despite living a very active life, my hip put me in daily pain and was beginning to negatively impact the things I love-work, taking care of grand babies, going to Haiti with a medical team, participating in family activities. The program was superb from beginning to end!!! Pain control was exquisite; every day post-op I was stronger. I only wish I had agreed to surgery a year ago. Dr. Meninghini and his team have an outstanding program; if you need a hip or a knee, go see him at IU Saxony.


  • Total Right Hip Replacement

“I had my right hip replaced by Dr. Meneghini on November 26, 2014, the day before Thanksgiving. On December 30, 2014, he released me, and I began to work out on a spin bike the next day. Seven weeks and two days post-surgery, I skied in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

I am an avid cyclist, having ridden across the country multiple times and am an avid skier, having skied for about 40 years. One of my fears was that these activities would be eliminated or greatly reduced. Such was not the case, and I plan to ride across the country in September of this year.

Dr. Meneghini understood my needs, desires, and expectations. He is the best!”

Sara McDaniel

  • total hip replacement

“After running for most of my life, I was diagnosed with severe hip arthritis about 5yrs ago. I was told at that time that there was not much to do except stop running and begin taking glucosamine and arthritis medication for pain relief until I became too uncomfortable and was ready for a total hip replacement. I was only 38 at the time so I thought I could deal with the pain for a while. I turned to other forms of exercise including yoga. During the next several years I battled with discomfort sleeping, pain while walking the dog, or riding a bike. I had difficulty tying my shoe and sitting on the couch with my kids to watch a movie was too uncomfortable!

In January 2014 my hip pain became unbearable. It was time to see the doctor. I made an appointment with Dr.Meneghini who was highly recommended to me by several close friends. When I went to IU Health I was extremely pleased with the friendly nursing staff,x-ray technician and receptionist. Dr Meneghini was both professional and compassionate. He felt a total hip replacement surgery could help me tremendously.

My experience at the IU hospital was a very positive one as well. I was welcomed at the front desk with a smile and again was very impressed with how competent and friendly the surgical nursing staff and anesthesiologist were. Dr Meneghini met with me prior to surgery and answered any questions and concerns I had that morning. He was very calm and reassuring. He met with me again post op and let me know that surgery went well. I walked down the hall later that day using a walker and by the next day I was heading home with the aid of crutches. Nine weeks post op I went on spring break and climbed to the summit of Camel Back Mountain. Thank you Dr. Meneghini for giving me the opportunity to live my life again!”

Jeff Scariano

  • Total Hip Replacement

“I have been going to Dr. Meneghini for several years and working closely with him and his staff on non-surgical options for my hips. I came to a point last year were my day to day activities became significantly impacted due to my hip pain. I consulted with Dr. Meneghini and we decided to perform a total hip replacement on my left hip. Dr. Meneghini was incredible and walked me through every step of the process and I entered into the surgery 100% confident this was the right path for me. My surgery went perfect, pain was gone immediately, was walking with a cane within 3 days and unassisted with 3 weeks. At 8 weeks I felt excellent and could do the majority of daily activities. At 3 months I was completely healed and 100% active. I am scheduled to get my right hip done in October and can't wait! I highly recommend Dr. Meneghini and could not be more pleased with my new HIP! ”

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